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Steven A. Conner, DPM
Steven A. Conner, DPM
Mark T. O'Donnell, DPM
Mark T. O'Donnell, DPM
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Patient Information

Welcome | Insurance | Referrals | Consents | Cancel an Appointment/No Show | Financial Policy | Billing and Collections | Printable Paperwork for New Patients

Welcome to the practice of
Dr. Mark T. O’Donnell and Dr. Steven A. Conner

Our doctors treat medical and surgical conditions involving the foot and ankle.  In order to provide you the best care possible, we look at you and your total health together. In anticipation of your upcoming visit, we ask that you bring:

    •    Completed paperwork/New Patients (available on this web page under PATIENT FORMS or sent from the office)
    •    A complete list of your current medications
    •    A complete list of any known allergies
    •    Insurance card(s)
    •    Co-payment, if applicable (stated on your insurance card) We accept cash, checks or charge  (Master Card, VISA or Discover)
    •    Referral, if applicable (stated on your insurance card)
    •    X-rays/X-ray reports/MRI result, if applicable. A paper x-ray report is preferred. X-rays can be film or CD.
    •    Any other medical information you feel is relevant
    •    Any relevant forms (work, medical leave, etc.)

Please Note:

    •    Please wear socks and athletic shoes or any closed toe tie shoes.

    •    Our office is NOT able to accommodate large/wide wheel chairs or stretchers.

If your treatment is covered by Workers’ Compensation or an Auto Accident claim, please inform the staff of this when you schedule your appointment.  This information must be pre-approved by the practice Administrator prior to being seen.

Insurance:  Please see our Home Page for a list of insurances we accept and do not accept.

Referral:  If your insurance requires a referral, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain this from your primary care physician as soon as you make your appointment to see our doctors.  Your doctor may fax that to our office at 412-367-5144 (for the North Hills office) or 412-373-9041 (for the Monroeville office.)  Additionally, we ask that you please call our office to verify that the referral has been received.  

Consents:  Upon arrival in our office, you will be asked to sign three consents electronically. You will be asked to sign:

    •    Permission to Treat and Bill
    •    Permission to Retrieve Prescription Information/Surescripts
    •    Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Privacy Practices and Privacy Notice Regarding Contacting You

You will also be asked verbally if you wish to Authorize Release of Information to Designated Others.

Cancelling an appointment/No Show Policy  

We understand that sometimes patients cannot keep their scheduled appointments due to unforeseen circumstances.  We do ask that if you must cancel an appointment, please give us 24 hour notice.  If you must cancel the day of an appointment, we ask that you notify us first thing in the morning or as soon as you know you cannot come in.

We are sure you are aware that missing an appointment prevents us from giving you the care you need.  However, it also prevents us from scheduling another patient who wants to be seen.  Please understand that we cannot run a successful practice by continually allowing missed appointments.

No Show Policy: A $35 No Show fee will be assessed if you fail to cancel an appointment and fail to show up.  Your first missed/no show appointment will have the fee waived.  You will receive a letter stating this policy.

We reserve the right to dismiss patients from the practice who continually “NO SHOW” for their appointments.

Financial policy

Dr. O’Donnell and Dr. Conner are in private practice.  Our financial support comes from the fees for medical services paid by our patients and their insurance.  While we will work with you to make it as easy as possible to take care of your financial obligations, please know that we cannot continue doing what we do best if patients do not pay their share for the services they receive.  

All patients are responsible for paying their co-pay at the time of their visit.  

While we are happy to submit your claims to your insurance company, often there is additional financial responsibility for the patient.  All patients are responsible for paying their balance in a timely manner after receiving their FIRST statement.

Our policy is that a maximum of three statements will be sent to the patient.  If no payment is received from the third statement, a letter will be sent stating that payment is due immediately or the account will be turned over to collections.  If no payment is received in a timely manner, or payment plan set up with the Biller, the account will be turned over to collections.

Billing and collections

As stated above, without payments by insurance companies and patients, we cannot afford to do what we do best.  Our office utilizes a billing service and collection agency.  

Billing Services are provided by: Patient Financial Services
                      1-877-856-2279 x 2026  

Collection Services are provided by:  Bureau of Account Management (BAM)

If you receive correspondence from BAM, please contact them directly.  Our office staff is unable to assist in any collection matters.

Printable Paperwork

Printable Paperwork may be found in the PATIENT FORMS of the website.  Please print them out, complete and bring to your first appointment.

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